November 29, 2023

2024: 10 Years of House of Rehab

What is Fashion?

That's the question we plan on answering in 2024.

As we approach 10 years of business, we are excited more than ever about the direction we're headed in. Some of you have been here since the beginning, and we love you for that. If you're new(ish) here, we started as an outlet for shopaholics that needed 'rehab'. We launched our signature logo 'Fashion Made Me Do It' on a sweatshirt in 2014 and the rest is history. 

Over the years, we've gone through changes, ups and downs, ebbs and flows. What's always remained is our love for fashion and providing an outlet for fashion lovers worldwide to express themselves. 

This past year was full of transitions, mistakes, trials and redirection. We tried some things, figured some things out, looked at what wasn't and was working. Now, we're recharged for what I feel will be our best year yet!

2024 is all about defining what Fashion is and what that means for you, our customer. We're excited to bring you more fun, more color, more style in the new year. 

I'm even more excited to bring our blogs back and use this outlet as a means to communicate directly with you about what we have in the works. There's so much to share!


Talk Soon, 

Ashlee <3