December 29, 2023

$100K Joggers

If I never hear "when are the joggers coming back?" again, it will be too soon!

JK, I love ya'll and I love how much you all loved our jogger sets; But it's time to move on. I made the announcement earlier this year (2023) that we would no longer be selling joggers and here's why:

I was bored! I made my first joggers in Fall 2019 and everyone fell in love with them. I moved from wholesale to producing my own in 2020 and what a disaster. My manufacturer was not great to work with, inconsistent with materials and packaging, terrible communication and a HIGH price. Finally, in 2021 I found a new factory to work with. We got to play with new colors, better quality and we made a lot of money. 

In 2022, I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to be known as the jogger brand. Yes, they were great fit, great material and probably the softest joggers out; But, I was not fulfilled. I have so much more to offer than joggers and I didn't want my brand to be defined by that.

I have so many concepts and ideas I want to execute that are way more special than joggers. I want to have fun again with fashion! So, that means, the joggers had to go.


I let go of a $100,000+ product and took a hit. However, as tough as it was to let go, I know there's better on the other side. I can't wait to show you what's next and what I have in store for the future of the brand. 

I hope you stick around for the new version of House of Rehab. It's about to get really fun around here. 

Talk Soon

<3 Ashlee