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Zara Made Me Do It

I know, I know. I'm late to the party. But hear me out; Until recently, my only chance to get to Zara involved a trip out of town. Thankfully, since moving to Dallas, I now have access to two Zara locations. My heart and closet couldn't be happier.

zara sale

This past week I had the chance to visit the newest location at North Park Center just in time for the coveted Zara sale. Zara does not have sales often. So when they do, you run!  Here's a look at a few of my Zara finds from this week's sale:


zara sale

I've been wanting one of these kind of a coat
kind of a sweater things. For $20 I had to get it!

zara sale

This shirt was actually marked $20, but rang up for $10

 Zara Sale

These Zara High-Elasticity jeans are hands-down the best jeans ever. No gap in the back, no stretching out! P E R F E C T I O N. While, they're not on sale, at only $29.99 you can buy every pair in your size; And trust me, you will want to!


trf jeans

TRF Jeans are L I F E

Overall, I ended up with 1 pair of pants, one tunic, 2 shirts and 1 sweater for less than $60. I'll be headed back soon to get some more of those TRF jeans- my new favorite. Not to worry, Detroit will be getting it's very first Zara location in Fall 2017. Do you have a Zara in your area? What are some of your favorite Zara pieces?

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