Fashion Made Me Do It

Rehab Workshop

  • Rehab Workshop: Fancy Fanny Pack

    Learn how to add some extra embellishments to your Fashion Made Me Do It fanny pack.
  • Rehab Workshop: Graffiti Handbag

    It's been a while since I've posted (or done) any DIY projects. However, I recently found this vintage Coach bag from a previous project. I was instantly inspired to do an updated version of this fun project.  What You Need: Acrylic Paint Small Paint Brush Fabric Marker Painting Surface L...
  • DIY Patched Denim Jacket

    OMG, it's been a minute since we've done a DIY project! (Wipes forehead) Where has time gone? Two things always signal the end of Summer for me: Labor Day and the start of NYFW S/S. With both happening this week, it's safe to say that Summer 16 is pretty much done for. As sad as that is; it only ...