Rehab Your Work Space
January 21, 2018

Rehab Your Work Space

"It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you”- Timbaland voice.

I know, I know…. I’ve neglected the blog but I’m back! Now that that is out of the way, did you miss me?? I've missed you! I’ve been working hard on designing new merchandise for the site and getting my life together. Speaking of getting my life together:

I recently shared on my Instagram Stories that I started the New Year off with a new position! (Insert praise dance here). I moved to Dallas in the 4th quarter of 2016 with my focus on getting my foot in the door at one of the various retailers headquartered in the DFW area. It’s always been my dream to work at a corporate office for a major retailer. (Yes, I’m that specific lol). That specificity is what has kept me going and helped me stay focused. Long story short, I started seasonally in Customer Service (rolls eyes). A job that was only guaranteed to last for 2 months (ending in January 2017) has continuously  evolved into me staying on full time, moving to different teams and as of January 2018 a promotion to the job that I’ve always wanted.

A promotion not only meant that I finally had the opportunity to work in my field but I also got a new (nicer) desk and office area. I couldn’t wait to decorate and make it feel a little more warm and inviting. I wanted to share a few tips on how you too can brighten up your work space. Whether you’re working from your home office or in a bland cubical, you deserve a space that makes getting your work done a little less blah! Here are 6 inexpensive and easy steps to rehab your work space.

Scrapbook Paper

Cubicle walls are typically gray, light gray, dark gray, gray gray; You get my point, here. Add some warmth and color to your space with a few sheets of inexpensive scrapbook paper. You can buy individual sheets for $.25-$1.00. Use some small push pins to secure them to the wall.

Framed Quotes

Confession: I liked these canvas prints from At Home; But I wasn't about to pay $15-$20 a piece for them. Google is your best friend! I was able to find images of the pictures and quotes that I wanted. I downloaded them, printed them out and added them to metallic frames and used the extra scrapbook paper as backgrounds. I chose metallic frames, but you can pick whatever goes best with your theme.

Pick a Theme or Color Palette

Speaking of themes; it is important to decide on a cohesive look and color palette before you start decorating. This will help reduce the risk of your space looking junky and cluttered. I already had the gold tape dispenser and flower vase. So, it made sense to work around those items. The metallic frames helped tie everything together. I also love pink, so I made sure to add pink elements to my space with the scrapbook paper and matching faux flowers in my vase.

Faux Flowers

I like flowers...but faux ones only. They never die and you don’t have to tend to them but they bring the same results! I recommend sticking with your color palette or choosing white flowers to compliment the look you’re going for.


Mini mirrors are life savers. No need to run to the restroom to check your lipstick or makeup! Not to mention, you can see when your boss is coming around the corner or creeping up on you from behind (*all jokes ...kinda lol).

Small Rug

I know what you’re thinking, this may be taking things a lil too far. Hear me out: I sometimes take my shoes off at work (especially heels) while I’m sitting at my desk for hours at a time. The germaphobe in me, can’t stand the thought of my feet touching the work floor. So, a little small rug that fits comfortably under your desk is a great idea. (I recently purchased one from fivebelow) Problem solved!

Feel free to comment below with any additional tips or suggestions. Happy decorating!