Rehab Workshop: Fancy Fanny Pack
October 15, 2017

Rehab Workshop: Fancy Fanny Pack

Hey Girl,

On today's episode of Rehab Workshop.....I like the sound of that! Anyway, we are jazzing up our signature Fanny Pack with some added embellishments. This simple black and white design of our beloved Fanny Pack provides the perfect backdrop to customize in a way the exudes your personal style. Keep reading to see how I customized my Fanny Pack and how you can make one of your own.


Start by playing around with the placement of your patches before committing to ironing them in place. 


Very Important: turn the steam off on your iron and use a towel in between the patch and iron if needed As you can, see I forgot that part, which could've led to damaging the vinyl printing. 

I also chose to see the patches to the bag for some added security. If you’re using patches that aren’t as thick, you may be fine to skip this step.

Finished Product

I took my Fanny Pack out for a spin at the Texas State Fair. I finally got to meet Big Tex! Oh, and I got to try some Texas delicacies (i.e. deep fried everything!) 

Deep Fried Cookie Dough

deep fried cookie dough

Fried Spinach Dip Balls

spinach dip balls texas state fair

Howdy, from Big Tex and I

Until next time, folks!