Rehab Report: The Powerful Women's Weekend

I know what you're probably thinking: "Another conference, another seminar, another women's empowerment event." I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't think the same thing three years ago when I first encountered this organization. The Powerful Women's Luncheon was my first experience at such an event and I really had no clue what to expect. However, by the time that luncheon was over, I had met so many new friends and was filled with so much inspiration from hearing everyone's stories. There were women from all walks of life and in different stages of their career; but there was one common thread in the room that connected us together: sisterhood!

Powerful women's exec board

The Powerful Women's Exec Board Celebrating a Successful Weekend with Attendees

Fast-forward to June 2016, and so much has changed. That business I talked about starting at the luncheon, came to fruition (finally). That group of women gathering for lunch had grown into a network of women ready and willing to support each other. They'd also out-grown the small restaurant setting into a two-day weekend full of events. One thing that remains constant though: sisterhood.

Natasha Cole
Keynote Speaker Natasha Cole Leading Attendees in an Oath to Sisterhood

Keynote speaker Natasha Cole of Go and Glow summed up the entire weekend when she said:

"There is one woman in the room. If I fail, we fail. If I succeed, we succeed. Your success is your sister's success"

That is truly what founder Meagan Ward had in mind when she created the organization. The Powerful Women is a network of women who come together to support and uplift each other.

Toni Jones Wife Comma

"We are a Women's Culture" - Keynote Speaker and Powerful Women Executive Board Member Toni Jones

This was proven through the organization's commitment to using strictly women vendors and suppliers for the weekend's many amenities.

The lovely printed stationary courtesy of Lepenn Designs spared no ounce of fabulousness.

DJ XO provided the power playlist for the weekend

While there was plenty of bonding and connecting over endless selfies and photo-ops (in-between impromptu dance breaks), the content and substance was nothing short of amazing and invaluable.

Ashley Lee of Kendra Law Firm gave of us a crash course on business law and how to establish, structure and protect your company and it's intellectual property.

Tonya Rapley of MyFabFinance gave us tips to start the journey toward financial responsibility by uncovering our relationship with money and how it affects or decisions. Whew!


Taylar Barrington of Maverick Hill and the UniversiTee Box gave us a powerful exercise on innovation and brainstorming. "The best business idea is half-way between what you're good at and what you're passionate about." Try listing the things you're passionate about and experienced in doing and combining the two, no matter how totally different they may be. Some ladies birthed some bomb business ideas in this quick and simple exercise!

Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick shared her inspiring story of turning her life around and challenging herself to first set goals and then master them all while discovering her purpose.

Founder Meagan Ward Introducing Melissa Butler of the Lip Bar

Melissa Butler of the Lip Bar Serving Fierceness Straight from the Lip Bar Mobile

Melissa Butler of the Lip Bar dropped some gems on how important it is to be clear and firm in your dream. After walking away from Shark Tank without an offer and being ridiculed for her 'insane' business idea for a cosmetic line that challenged the standard of beauty in an already 'saturated' market, she kept pushing forward. "Saturated markets allow you to know that there's room for you too."

The Powerful Women's Circle of Sisterhood Sharing and Celebrating Success Stories

As women, we need to recognize that there's room for all of us at the table. Why compete when you could collaborate? That's exactly the mission that The Powerful Women hopes to inspire in the network of women that have come and will come into this amazing circle of sisterhood.

I left feeling so full and inspired and cannot wait for the next Powerful Women's Weekend.



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