Rehab Report: Detroit Girls Workout Spin Party and Pop-Up Shop

Cycle Bar

I had the pleasure of getting a first look at the brand new Cycle Bar in Troy, MI courtesy of the Detroit Girls Workout Spin Party and Pop-Up Shop. All the cool kids and celebrities seem to be riding out at the nearest cycle class and I've been itching to try it. However, I'll let you in on a little secret: I never had any interest in learning to ride a bike. Shocking, I know... So, I wasn't really sure how this workout would go, lol. 

Surprisingly, I had an amazing time and an even better workout! I'm all about exercises that don't seem like "exercise", if that makes sense. This spin class with a room full of beautiful ladies ready to get the 'Fit Party' going was the perfect way to jump-start my weekend. 

Fit Party

First off, the Cycle Bar has the best atmosphere! The literally anticipate any and every need: bobby pins and hair ties at the front desk, lockers that don't require you to bring that stupid lock that you always forget at home, towels already on the bikes for your convenience, snacks (you know I'm always here for the food), oh and these really cute (FREE) water bottles! 

Cycle Bar

On top of all of that, they have some great lighting and a bomb soundtrack (think H & M store tunes).

Our instructor for the day was great at keeping everyone motivated. I was terrified that it would be one of those drill sergeant type classes and she was totally opposite. 

Now, about this workout! Girl! It was rough.... R O U G H! You seriously feel the burn in your legs and thighs. Oh, and towards the end of class you'll do some light uper-body weight-lifting too. Overall, I left feeling accomplished that I at least tried to make it through. I think I did pretty well for my first spin class  and I would certainly go back. 

 Thanks to DJ XO and the Detroit Girls Workout crew for hosting a great event.

If you're like me and need cute workout attire to motivate you to get your behind in the gym, Detroit Girls Workout has you covered! I picked up this light-weight neon hoodie at the pop-up shop and it's my new favorite. 

Now, who's signing up for a class with me?

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