$1 Dollar Cosmetics and Accessories Haul

What if I told you there was a cosmetic and accessory store with bomb product, and everything was.....wait for it....$1! (Insert shocked emoji here). Well, on a random trip to the mall, I stumbled upon this gem. 

Shop Miss A

The H&M esq music playing in the store, the simple black and white signage, and the sight of what looked like make-up heaven, all stopped me in my tracks. What really drew me in was the sign outside the door that said everything's $1. 

This can't be true, I thought. So, I had to investigate further! I just knew that there was a trick to it and only some of the items would be $1. There was no way that you could tell me these professional class make-up brushes, chic make-up pouches or endless shades of nail polish colors could be $1. 

To my surprise, everything in the store was truly $1. I couldn't believe it! I shared my first trip to the store on my SnapChat because I was literally in awe. How could this store exist, and I not know about it?! One of my friends in my head (hey Paige), told me she was familiar with their only store but did not know they had an actual storefront. What do you mean online? This couldn't get any better! Yes, you can shop $1 cosmetics, accessories, and beauty products online! Amazing, right?!

The company is based Dallas and this is their first physical store. I went back to visit and see what's new. Here's a look at everything I picked up on my most recent trip. 

If you spend $15 you also get free make-up wipes! All this stuff for $15 and something free, too! 

4 Nail Polishes

3 Lip Pencils

2 Eye Shadows

Concealer, Bronzer, Primer, Lip Gloss, 1 Candle, and 1 Scarf

Have you shopped MISS A before? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on their products! Comment below and share with your friends.


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Gail Allen

Wonderful article Ashlee, just wished I lived near Dallas!!

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