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Welcome back to Fashion Made Me Do It, the blog. It's been a minute and I promise I will get better at updating you all on my adventures. Today's post, will hopefully make up for the long wait!

Since moving to Texas, my birthday has kind of become an annual road-trip for my boyfriend an I. Last year, you'll remember my 8 hr road trip through the desert to visit the Prada Marfa sculpture. This year, we headed 2 hours south to Waco, TX to visit Magnolia!

If you're not familiar with Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper, we can't be friends and this post is not for you! However, everyone loves the Gaines' so I know that you'll enjoy the recap of my trip just as much as I enjoyed exploring the Silos. 

Magnolia Table


First, we went to Magnolia Table for lunch. BUT, they were closing early for the day and already had over an hour wait time. So, we headed 2 miles up the road to the Silos and Magnolia Market.


magnolia market
Honestly, this was what I really wanted to see. As you walk up, you're greeted by the Silos Bakery Co. to your right and the Magnolia Market to your left. There's also a lovely host at the entrance to welcome you to the Silos.
As you keep walking, there's an open area where families can enjoy outdoor games and numerous picnic tables filled with people looking for a break from the 100 degree weather. 
There's about 5-6 food trucks to choose from. I tried the BBQ chicken pizza from one of the trucks and it was sooooo good.
The sweet tea was just ok. I prefer my sweet tea to be extra sweet (basically, brown kool-aide) and at $8, it was a little pricey. However, we did get to keep these cute mason jar cups that I fell in love with. 
alabama sweet tea company
On to the market: the interior reminds you of a huge barn. It's filled with Magnolia branded products, like mugs and candles, as well as other home good items. It's clear that they know how much people are attached to the Magnolia name as they have their candles and mugs sprinkled throughout the store.
magnolia market
magnolia market
magnolia market
The candles smelled pretty good, but not $28 good (I'm cheap).
magnolia market
However, I did get this mug. It was $18, but as an avid mug collector, it had to come home with me!
magnolia market
magnolia market
Considering the long lines that we saw at the bakery when we walked in, we decided to make it our last stop. As you enter the roped winding line, you're greeted with a sign informing you of your 20 minute wait. While the building looked fairly large, the bakery is fairly small. Only a few people are allowed in at a time; Hence the long line. You're handed a menu while you wait in line and once inside, you hand your menu off to the cashier and wait for your warm cookies to be handed over to you. (We got to the bakery around 5pm, an hour before closing, and they were understandably sold out of a lot of their sweets).
silos bakery
When I asked how often do Chip and Jo Jo visit, I was told "they come every now and again. Chip has an office upstairs in the Market building." 
magnolia market
Overall, I had a great time experiencing the Silos and everything that is the Magnolia brand. As a fan of the show, it was inspiring to see how they've renovated the Silos into a full-on Magnolia empire. From Magnolia Reality, Magnolia Homes (their renovation company), Magnolia Seed and Supply (also at the Silos), Magnolia Market, Silos Bakery, publishing deals and countless other products, they've got this branding thing on lock! 
magnolia market
-XOXO, Ashlee



  • Posted by Amerika on

    I love this! I’m new to watching Fixer Upper. I don’t watch much tv but I’m big on home decor so when I saw it on Hulu I was like why not check it out. I’m hooked! I just saw the episode when they purchased the Silos (I know I’m late) so to see the growth is phenomenal. Can’t wait to visit one day!

  • Posted by Ashlee Jackson on

    Yes, you should! I would recommend coming to visit either Dallas or Austin and then driving to Waco for the day. Its a small town so a day is probably all you’ll need to spend there.

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