Here’s What Happened when I tried a Blow Dry Bar
May 13, 2017

Here’s What Happened when I tried a Blow Dry Bar

Sooo…have you ever heard of those places that only specialize in blow-outs?  No cuts, color or anything else. Just strictly blow-dry and style. The most popular company I know of is called the Dry Bar.  I’ve always wanted to try one to see how the other side live. (HAHA). Well, I didn’t make it to the Dry Bar. However, I did make it to a different blow dry only place here in Dallas.

I was of course worried that they would not be able to handle my type of hair. First of all, my hair is thick, and full, and I don’t even like blow-drying it myself! So, I was curious on how this would pan out. I made the spur of the moment appointment online and arrived at the shop at 3:45pm. I wasn’t finished until 5:30 pm.  So, what happened in that almost 2 hours? Girl, let me tell you….

Before (I'd just taken out my box braids)

I could tell from the vibe of the stylist that she was like WTH! I asked if she could also trim my ends and she said “Girl, I don’t know if I’ll have time” LOL. Ok, fair enough. So after being shampooed and conditioned, I sit back in the chair and wait. The poor girl is searching all over for the comb attachment that goes to the blow dryer.

Exhibit A: Blow Dryer Comb (aka necessity)


After she found that, the process begun....and went on for about an hour before she had her next appointment come in. At this time, she was clearly stressed TF out because she could was nowhere near finished with my hair and her next appointment was waiting. The salon manager had to then come over and finish up my hair. He blow dried my hair for about another 30 mins before flat-ironing it. While all of this transpired, here are a few quotables from the day:

“You have some tight curls, girl”

“How long did it take you to grow your out?”

“Your hair is so thick”

“Next time, just make sure to tell us that you need an hour and a half”

“You have some breakage in the front, or maybe those are baby hairs”

“You actually have some good hair” (after the blow dry was over)

The end result was:

Was my hair soft? Yes. Was it straight? Not around the crown of my head. I honestly think they’d gotten tired and were ready to finish up as soon as possible. My hair was soft but flat. I imagined that they would blow dry it with the roller type brush and give it some volume like this:

LOL…maybe my expectations were too high. When I got home, I ended up adding some curls to it and going over my edges with the edge control that I raved about in the last post. Ultimately, I could have just did my hair at home; As much as I dread the time and energy it takes for me to wash, blow dry and flat-iron my hair…I could have saved $42 bucks and got the same result with less heat applied to my hair.

Today, I’m wearing pin curls so that I can still maintain my curls from yesterday. I probably won’t be putting any heat on my hair for another month to protect it from any heat damage.


Have you tried any blow dry bars? Thoughts, comments, concerns? Leave them below!