September 15, 2016

DIY Patched Denim Jacket

OMG, it's been a minute since we've done a DIY project! (Wipes forehead) Where has time gone? Two things always signal the end of Summer for me: Labor Day and the start of NYFW S/S. With both happening this week, it's safe to say that Summer 16 is pretty much done for.

As sad as that is; it only means that Fall fashion is ready for a comeback. In Michigan, we pretty much only have two seasons: hot and cold lol. So, I'm always excited when the seasons change. Fall (NOT  to be confused with Winter) may be one of my favorite seasons. Cool enough for long sleeves but warm enough to still be cute.  I love layering for fashion purposes; not out of necessity. 

One of my go-to items to layer with is the denim jacket! This season, denim jackets are certainly  on trend. But, beware...these are not your average denim jackets. This season is all about embellishments and embroidery. So, what better way to dress up an old favorite than to add some sequins, a few iron-on patches, and bedazzled brooches. 

Here's how I rehab'd this thrifted denim jacket into a perfectly on-trend piece that'll I'll be wearing all season. 

thrifted denim jacket

Thrifted Denim Jacket

iron-on patches

Your local fabric or craft store will have iron-on patches in the sewing department. I also ordered some unique patches from online. 

patched denim jacket diy

Obviously, once you iron them on, there's no going back. So, make sure you lay everything out first and come up with a design plan.

patched denim jacket diy

Now we're ready for the fun part!! You want to use an iron with NO STEAM on a hard surface (NOT a padded ironing board) and apply hard pressure for 15-30 seconds until the appliqué is complete bonded with your garment. You can put a towel down to protect your surface from any damage. It also helps to turn the jacket inside-out and iron over the back of the patch for extra security.

Here's my finished product! I absolutely love it and it turned out better than I envisioned. I also added a few brooches I had laying around just because....I'm fancy like that. :-)

If you're not in the creative mood, no worries. You can choose from the custom pieces I've made. Click here to visit the House of Rehab Closet