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Raise your hand if you have a bathroom cabinet full of hair and beauty products. Same here. I wanted to drop in and share some of my latest product obsessions with you.

In a quest to give my hair a break, I've been alternating between different protective styles. Currently, these box braids have been saving my life! Minimal maintenance required is always a plus. Once or twice a week I use this Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey to add moisture to my scalp. Throughout the week I use the Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner and OGX Hydrating Coconut Oil. Both of these products are in a spray bottle form which makes it easy to apply directly between braids and elevate a dry or itchy scalp.

Now these edges, girl! I have tried a million and 25edge controls. Only to be disappointed by them either leaving residue, flakiness or making my hair wave up. I came across this edge control after a referral from a friend. It's magical, ladies! 



Last but not least, with sun dress season quickly approaching, we need a good moisturizer! This Brooklyn Body Butter is hand-crafted by a fellow Detroiter and contains all natural ingredients. It melts on contact with your skin and leaves you glistening but not greasy. As you can see, I've already dipped into my jar! It's definitely a must for keeping your skin moisturized with a natural glow. 

Are you too a product junkie? What's on your must have list?


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Gail Allen

As always, great information Ms. Jackson!!!

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