How to Create Your Very Own Book Clutch

It's been a while since we've done a DIY project. So, I figured what better way to start the year off than with a project I've gotten multiple of request for. This project can get a little complicated, so pay attention!


Most important is choosing the right (HARDCOVER) book. You don't want to choose a book to small because then, you won't have room for everything you need to carry in the clutch. You also don't want to choose a book that's too large because then you'll be cutting pages foreva,eva,eva. (Seriously).

R E H A B tip: Thrift stores are great places to find unique and inexpensive books; Especially if you want to try this out first before going to work on a more expensive book.

So, you've picked out your book? Now, you need some craft glue (one that will dry fast and clear), a ruler, razor cutter (think small box cutter), pencil, sponge paint brush, and whatever you want to use to close the clutch (more on this later).

 Let's Do This

First, you'll want to figure out how much of the book you want to cut. This works best if you leave a few pages in tact that you'll end up gluing down to the back cover.  Starting from the beginning of the book, choose the page you want to start with. Take your ruler and pencil and draw an outline of your border. Use the ruler to measure that each side is even and then as a straight edge to draw the lines. Next, mark an X on the very last page you want to cut out. This way you'll know when to stop.

With any DIY project, creativity is king. So, feel free to tweak this guide into what works best for you. I like to choose a few pages from the book that are either meaningful, colorful, or interesting and will make a good layer for the inside of the clutch. Once you have those pages determined, pull them out and put them to the side for later. 

 Cover the outside edges of the book with your craft glue and spread evenly with the sponge brush. R E H A B tip: It's important to clean up any glue that may spill over to the inside of the book to avoid the cover sticking to the inside pages. Once each side is covered, close the book and place underneath a heavy object. This will allow the pages to dry without wrinkling. Once dry, you'll be ready for the fun part.

Time to cut! This part is simple but takes a lot of patience. Trace the lines you just drew with your pencil, making sure to stay straight and precise (especially at the corners). You'll only be able to cut about 3-4 pages at a time; Hence why large books are not a good idea. Keep cutting, and cutting until you reach your last page (marked by the X).

At this time you should have a hollow book center. Glue the inside edges of the book just as you did with the outside. This will ensure that the area where you'll put your belongings will remain in tact. Now it's time for the fun part. Take the pages you pulled out and go to work adding them to the inside of the book. It's your clutch, so make it how you see fit. I even added some cut outs to the inside of the front cover of my book clutch.


This might be the most difficult part of making a book clutch. You'll have to decide what works best for you. This is what I did: I took some elastic ribbon (I, guess that's what it's called) and a nice button to make my closure. I drilled a hole on both sides of the cover, tied the ribbon in a loop through the hole on the rear cover and added the button to the loop on the front cover. I've also done this where the ribbon has been glued in between the pages-but I like my loop method best. So when you close the book, you'll take the loop on the back cover and secure it around the round button (make sense?).

Inside of the #GirlBoss book clutch I made for Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso


What I did was cut any of the extra pages I left out in the front of the book that I didn't use. Then I glued the paper sleeve of the book to the hardcover of the book. You'll want to be very careful when you glue the paper cover to the hardcover and make sure that the placement is correct. Let this dry flat, again under a heavy object making sure that there's no excess glue. 

Once it dries, you should be all set and ready to use your new book clutch. If you decide to try this at home, be sure to tag @HouseofRehab in your photos.

-XOXO Ash 


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