Five Tips to Creating the Wardrobe of Your Dreams Just in Time for the New Year
December 25, 2015

Five Tips to Creating the Wardrobe of Your Dreams Just in Time for the New Year

 New Year, New Wardrobe! That's my motto for 2016. I decided to Rehab and Revamp my wardrobe by only buying things that I am absolutely in love with and make sense for my lifestyle. Gone are the days of spending money wastefully on things that end up collecting dust in my closet. So, I decided to take control of my own personal style and develop a plan that will give me the wardrobe of my dreams. Here are the five tips I'm going to follow in the New Year to make it happen:

Rehab Wardrobe

Four Letter Word

Kick start your wardrobe revolution right after the holiday with the "End of the Year" sales. [AKA: please help us clear our inventory] I'll let you in on a little secret: Buyers shop seasons in advance and have already planned for Spring merchandise for their respective retailer. So, as those new styles prepare to ship, retailers need to get the "ghost of seasons' past" off their hands to make room for Spring styles.  So, what does all of this mean? S A L E on top of S A L E! Don't believe me? Check your inbox in a few days. As the days left in 2015 dwindle down, so will the store's prices. Now is the time to stock up on basics that never go out of style or experiment with that trend you've been wanting to try.  

Rehab your Wardrobe

Don't wait for spring cleaning time to get your closet clutter free. While you're off work for a few days during the holiday, take some time to Rehab your wardrobe. Get rid of things you haven't worn in forever, maybe even find some things you didn't know you had. Decide what to keep and organize your items so you know where they are when it's time to slay.

Pose for the Picture

If you were lucky enough to get one of these Instax cameras for Christmas, you're one step ahead. Or, if you were on the naughty list this year, a cell phone will work just fine. As you're going through your closet, try to put together looks and photograph them. This way you have your own personal look book to whip out whenever duty calls! Gone are the days of "I have nothing to wear." Well, never say never-but you get what I mean. 

Model Chic

I realize that fashion isn't everyone's "thing". And that's perfectly fine. It doesn't mean that you can't put together successful looks this coming year. Feel like you don't know where to start? Pick out a person who's style you admire and take notes. Figure out what you like about their style or how they put their looks together, and how it can translate into your wardrobe. Incorporate some of their style successes and figure out what will work best for you. While, it's ok to model your style after someone you admire, don't loose your sense of self. Personal style needs to be authentic!  

 New You

New Year is the perfect time to try out something new. If you always find yourself gravitating towards the same colors, pick out a new color to add to the mix. If you're always wearing the same style look just different items, try switching it up. My go to has been jeans and a cute top. This year, I'm making an effort to wear more dresses and skirts. Don't be boring, switch it up! You can always reinvent yourself through the clothes you choose to wear. If it doesn't work out, try something else! Your style, your rules, your way...


2016 will be a year of moving up and on! Claim it!