Editor's Pick: Four Online Shops to Add to Your Favorites
December 13, 2015

Editor's Pick: Four Online Shops to Add to Your Favorites

I've always said if the mall was open 24 hours, I would be a happy girl. But, for those late nights when I need my fashion fix, I turn to online shopping. Let's face it, not all of us live in the most fashionable cities and have access to the best of the best stores. It's way more convenient to be able to shop multiple stores all at once and find something unique. However, in the world of Instragram boutiques and countless paid faux-celebrity endorsements, it can be hard to sort through which online retailers you can trust. Being the fashionable friend in your head that i am, (like that?), I put together a list of some of my favorite online stores to shop. 


Missguided Dress

Well, duh! Lately, whenever my friends ask me for advice on where to shop I always point them to Missguided. This London based retailer, has been on my favorites list for about two years now. They have some great pieces at a great price point. Perfect for budgetnistas like myself. Note: orders can take up to 2 weeks to receive as they are coming from across the pond

 Necessary Clothing

Necessary Clothing fress

This New York city based retailer has been building it's online presence over the past few years. I especially look to them for their shoe collection. Note: one sign that you can probably trust an online retailer is that they have an actual brick and mortar. 


Agaci Mesh Maxi

I fell in love with this store on a recent trip to Miami. It reminds me of somewhere between a Charlotte Russe and Forever 21. Their upscale collection, Boutique Five, is my favorite. It's a little edgier while remaining on trend and still at a great price point.  

House of Chic LA

House of Chic LA

While I haven't had the chance to purchase from this company yet, they've been on my wishlist for months now. I follow the two designers (two stylish friends based in LA) on Instagram and always drool over their outfits. They definitely have some unique pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

While I try and get my life together and put together looks for fashion week, I'll definitely be checking out these online shops for inspiration. What are your favorite online retailers?