Style Guide: Winter Wardrobe Wishlist
November 24, 2015

Style Guide: Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

As the temperature drops and the layers pile on, it's easy to get caught up in being warm versus being Fashionable. However, the cold does not have to steal your cute. There's plenty of ways to incorporate style into your winter wardrobe. Here are 11 things (all from H&M)  necessary to build your winter wardrobe.

1. Something Shiny: Holiday seasons means more events and gatherings and more opportunities to slay. Sequins, stones, and glitter are an easy way to add some glitz and glam to your otherwise plain winter wardrobe. 

H&M Sequin Turtleneck

2. The Turtleneck: I know what you're thinking; Turtlenecks are for old ladies, lol. However, a simple turtleneck provides a solid foundation for a layered look.

REHAB tip: Every girl needs to invest in at least a black, gray, or white turtleneck. 

3. A Dressy Coat: Wintertime is all about Fashion that is functional. That Northface fleece is great for day to day but, face it, you've got to dress it up sometimes. 

REHAB tip: If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose a bold print.

For a more neutral look, try a black, tan or olive green wrap coat like this one I just picked up from H&M for $40.

 4. Boot Socks: Don't you hate when your boots wrinkle or bulge in certain areas? The proper socks help prevent that from happening. Boot socks are slightly thicker and the texture helps keep your taller boots in place. Feeling fancy? Choose a sock slightly taller than your boot for a little peak-a-boo action. 

5. Over-sized Sweater: Simplicity is always key when it comes to winter Fashion. Over-sized sweaters and sweater dresses pair perfectly with leggings and boots. 

REHAB tip: Add a statement necklace if you want to dress this look up

6. Ankle Booties: So, you want to wear heels but can't bring yourself to freeze your toes off?  Ta-Da: ankle booties to the rescue. Try a utilitarian style that can be dressed up or down.

7. Coated Jeans: Sticking with the shiny trend, coated jeans and leggings add a hint of sophistication to an otherwise ordinary item. Their faux leather look goes perfectly under an over-sized sweater or poncho or dressed up with a simple turtleneck. See how a few items can mix and mingle to complete multiple looks?

8. Mesh Made in Heaven: Just because its cold outside, doesn't mean you have to be completely covered up. Mesh is a perfect way to show off a little skin without baring it all. A mesh top is my preferred way to conquer this trend.

9. Velvet: Yes, that's velvet! Get it? Anyway, Velvet is a rich and luxurious fabric that adds a touch of elegance to any item it graces. 

Rehab tip: Stick to tops and dresses...velvet pants, not so much. 

10. Button Up: Talk about endless style opportunities! Pile on a statement necklace (yes, I love necklaces, lol) or a bejeweled brooch for a glam look. You also layer it underneath a crewneck or sweater for a more preppy and polished look.

11. Speaking of Crewnecks...: It wouldn't be right if I didn't include House of Rehab's latest addition to the list. 


Well, there you have it. Hopefully this helped guide your winter shopping list and gave you some great ides to S L A Y the upcoming season. Remember, have fun and serve up some looks this season, honey! 


-XOX Ash