Fashion Facts: House of Balmain

No one had to explain to me why I should want a Gucci handbag, Louis Vuitton shades, or a Versace shirt. I honestly, can't even tell you the first time I heard of any of these designer labels I've grown fond of. Maybe it was a Lil' Kim lyric or a Jay-Z video.  As a 90's baby, I grew up wanting to get my hands on the labels I saw my favorite celebrities wearing. No one had to explain to me who Gucci or Prada was. I just wanted in on the fly and flashy lifestyle having access to those brands represented. 

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As Millennials, we've grown up in the Ghetto-Fabulous Fashion era, craving the designer labels we saw our parents wearing. Almost innately, we were groomed to lust after luxurious (often European) labels that would allow us to demonstrate our ability dress. While, we work to be able to afford to cloth ourselves in designer duds, we've never really explored the history behind the brands we've aspired to own. 

 In the first installment of Friday Fashion Facts and in honor of the upcoming collaboration with H&M, I wanted to explore the history behind the House of Balmain.

Here are five facts you need to know about

the Hosue of Balmain:


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