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Rehab Workshop: Hand Painted Clutch

It's been a while since I've done a DIY project and I'm so excited to share my latest with you all.  So, I was on the hunt for a fanny pack in preparation for my friend's 90's themed birthday party. First stop, the thrift store! While I failed at finding a fanny pack, I did stumble upon this classic black flap over Coach bag. Note: whether or not this is a genuine Coach bag is up for debate. However, for $10 bucks I couldn't pass it up. The bag is missing a strap, so I instantly knew that it would make the perfect clutch. 

 Vintage Coach

Then...the wheels started spinning. "What can I do to make this bag better?" Nothing says unique, like a hand-painted design. I had so much fun painting my faux leather jacket that I was anxious to try it out again. So, I ran home and got to work. At first, I wanted to try a geometric design by blocking off areas on the front flap. But....

 Hand painted coach bag 

That didn't work out. So, I just freestyled and dumped every bright color of acrylic paint I had on hand. I didn't want it to look perfect or in a particular order. So, I let some of the colors drip in a different direction. 

 Coach bag


The end result is a ridiculously awesomely dope one of a kind bag. 

 Coach bag finished product

The End. 



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