October 03, 2015

Style Guide: Runway Ready

While Detroit may not be synonymous with fashion, there's definitely something to be said for the role fashion is playing in the city's revival.  Storefronts lining Woodward Avenue and the rebirth of the Avenue of Fashion are all prominent examples. With so many local fashion events going on now through the end of the year, I am racking my brain on what to wear. For instance, I will be attending the Michigan Fashion Week Design Competition on October 17th. In a quest to curve my obsessive spending habit, I am trying to make the most out of the pieces in my closet. We've all seen that meme, "I've been shopping forever and still have nothing to wear." Yup, that's me! I'm sure I'm not the only budgetnista struggling with this. So, I put together a style guide on what to wear to any fashion shows and events you may have coming up. 

Pastel pretty

Thought Fall was all about dark and deep colors? Wrong! Brighten up your gloomy days with a hint of pastel paired with a classic neutral. Gray is always a great choice.


 Black BIrd

Black will always be the new Black. Got it, good. Pair classic pieces like a turtleneck, ankle booties, and clutch with a bold statement piece for flare. Easy way to REHAB classics.


casual chic

Wanna keep it cool but chic? Go for an effortlessly fabulous look with ripped jeans, statement bag, and menswear inspired oxfords. Perfect way to stay stylish while on the go from one event to the other.

fancy pants

Printed pants are not for the faint of heart. You've got to be bold and confident to pull of this look because you'll definitely be the show stopper. Printed pants scream 70's funk especially when paired with the seasons flared hemline. Keep all other items simple so that you serve just the right amount of sass. 


If you're interested in attending the Michigan Fashion Week Design Competition, get your tickets now and meet me there on October 17th. Are there any fashion events coming to your city? Let me know, I wanna come.  LOL