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Rehab Report: Go Back to School with MaverickHill

“I raise up my voice- not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back” – Malala Yousafzai, 18. 

            The other day, I heard a popular male media personality say that if women really knew and owned their power, the world would be a much different place. If anyone is determined to encourage women to make the world a better place, it’s Taylar Barrington. The 27-year-old entrepreneur has a booming lifestyle empowerment brand, MaverickHill, centered on developing powerful leaders of tomorrow that just so happen to be women. Barrington left her job as a teacher on a quest to follow her dreams, despite the ‘girl you’re crazy’ response she received from others. MaverickHill went from an idea to reality in just one month. Proving that with a little fearlessness and determination, you can tap into your ‘gift’ of doing what you love and helping others. In just 18 months, MaverickHill has grown into a popular digital destination for women – particularly collegiate women.

MaverickHill’s success prompted Barrington to launch a monthly subscription service delivering encouragement to college dorm rooms nationwide. The Universitee Box delivers fashionable t-shirts and jewelry (perfect for the laid-back college glam look), an encouraging affirmation note, dorm room décor (via partnering brand Poppin) and some fun surprises all wrapped in an adorable box. Subscribers have the choice between two levels of monthly subscriptions – freshman and senior boxes themed to match exactly what they are going through at the time. Want to send a box to your loved one to help them cope with dorm life or final exams? Send them a Universitee Box full of fashionable encouragement sure to brighten their day.

The Universitee Box launched in September but Barrington’s plans for global domination don’t stop there. She hopes to further develop young women’s leadership skills via workshops, digital services, and networking opportunities. I had a chance to catch up with the Maverick herself. Here are 4 things I learned about the brains behind MaverickHill during our chat:

  1. Janelle Monae is the next MaverickHill spokeswoman….

Well not really, but if she had to choose someone who represents the Maverick Hill woman it would be her. She epitomizes the brand’s initiative to encourage women to be strong, determined, socially aware and fabulous.

  1. She’s always been somewhat of a risk taker

This definitely came in handy when she decided to leave her job as a teacher and step out on faith to follow her dreams

  1. The Lipstick Circle is an annual networking event hosted by Barrington

Its goal is to pair collegiate women with mentors in their field to help them navigate and transition in the professional world.

  1. She’s a fellow Fashion Addict

Of course we had to talk a little fashion and the importance of building a wardrobe that works. She mentioned how her style is currently evolving from matchy-matchy to quality pieces that fit her personal style uniform. *I’m totally a believer in quality over trendy. It’s so important to discover your own style and what works for you and build on that!


I’ve followed Maverick Hill for a few months now and it was such a pleasure to talk with person behind the brand. Often times, we think of success measured monetarily. Taylar is proof that honing into your passion can pay off through the impact you have on others. With her new venture, the Universitee Box, she’s delivering that impact right to your doorstep. For information on how you can order your own visit

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