Rehab Workshop: Hand Painted Faux Leather Jacket

I've been obsessed with this Veda floral leather jacket for about a year now. However, it's $500+ price tag was not quite up my alley. After searching all over for something similar, I decided to just make my own!

I had this deep red faux leather jacket from Forever 21 hanging in my closet that would work perfectly. Now off to the craft store for some paint and brushes.

I used premium acrylic paint by Craft Smart from Michaels.

I really didn't have a distinct design in mind. But, I knew that I wanted flowers. So, flowers were what I got lol.

I basically just free-styled and painted as I went. Pretty much, how I do a lot of things in my life, LOL. My mom was like, don't you want to just get one from the thrift store and practice first?. Nah, if I'm going to do it, I need to just do it. 



Overall, I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. It took me about 4 days of painting, waiting for it to dry, changing my mind and painting some more. In the end, I have my very own customized jacket.

From Craft to Couture....



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Paige Santana

Like I said on your instagram, I think this jacket is really bomb. If it was hanging in a store, I would purchase it. It’s just really nice.

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