August 08, 2015

Laced in Love: My New Favorite Boots

Lord knows, I need not buy 1 more thing; But, some things you just have to have. Like that it will haunt you in your sleep if you didn't buy it kind of feeling? And don't let you see someone else with it on! Jealous- exactly how I would have been if I passed these up.


First, let me say that I rarely walk in to a Forever 21 at the mall. It's just too busy for me and usually the line is ridiculous. However, last weekend I'm glad I peeked in. I found these beauties hanging in the very back of the shoe section. Love at first sight, ok! Oh, and they had my size, check please! 


These lace-up booties have just the right amount of heel to going from day to night. Also, since the laces are adjustable, they're perfect if you have a wider calf. They also come in black, but I wanted to try something different (not to mention, the girl in front of me had already swooped up my size). I think this tan-grayish color will be a great neutral as I transition into Fall. 


When I saw them, I knew I had to have them; No doubts, no questions, and my BFF confirmed via text lol. My only issue was what am I going to wear? Well, instead of wracking my brain, I put together a few looks for inspiration.


Thoughts? Would you rock these? If so, how would you style them? If you want them, grab them now or you'll be jealous of me when I wear mine, lol.


-XOXO Ashlee