July 06, 2015

Rehab Workshop: DIY Patchwork Jeans

I'm excited about bringing back our DIY segments. After-all, House of Rehab was created from my love of making, crafting and embellishing things; especially clothes! When I was younger, I could always find some rhinestones or sequins to add to my outfit (or some scissors to cut it up and remix it. LOL). Today, that love has grown into re-creating some of fashion's high-end looks and sharing those tips and how-tos with you guys. 

In this installment of Rehab Workshop, I'm demonstrating how to rehab some basic jeans into a vogue-worthy pair of patchwork jeans. If you recall my previous post, I shared my excitement over these Treasure & Bond boyfriend jeans (retail value $128.00). I love the combinations of contrasting washes that make up patch work jeans. It takes the denim on denim trend to a more sophisticated level. Some celebs, have even gotten in on the trend. 

Here's how to make your own without having to splurge:

What You'll Need
  • Iron on Denim Patches (Note: you can make your own if you have some old denim scraps laying around or you can take the easy way out and buy some already made like I did)
  • Quality Scissors (sharp enough to cut through denim)
  • Household Item
  • Fabric marker 
  • Jeans (for best results, no stretch). I got mine from Target

What to Do
  1. Try your jeans on to get a feel for where you want the patches to go.                                                 
  2. Lay your jeans flat and decide where you want the patches to go.                               
  3. Once you have a layout, take a picture so you can remember the placement. You can also use your fabric marker to mark the placement. 
  4. off to the ironing board. Iron your jeans first to get rid of any wrinkles.                          
  5. Place your first patch and iron in place (follow the directions on the package for step by step instructions)
  6. Don't use any steam while ironing
  7. Be sure to check the edges for any lifting
  8. Repeat until all patches are in place 
  9. Turn on Ginuwine's In Those Jeans
  10. Strut your stuff in your new designer to DIY inspired patch work jeans!  

Well, there you have it. Simple right? And for less than $30. If you any have ideas you'd like to see me try, feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy DIYing