4 Things to Rid Your Wardrobe of Before the New Year

As I sat down to type this, I literally couldn't believe it's December 1st! This is usually the time of where we we all self-reflect on the past 330+ days. It's also a great time to do some closet re-organization. 

We all have those items hanging in the back of our closet that we never wear but just can't seem to let go of. Or those items that we know we need to let go of but just can't find the motivation to do so. Well, here's a list of 4 items that you should purge from your wardrobe before the New Year and a great way to get rid of them. 


That Forever21 $3 legging rack is always tempting; but let's be honest: they aren't the best quality. No matter if you wear your leggings as pants (I won't judge) or you wear them as a layering piece, you need a reliable pair. Toss out those thinning, see-through leggings and invest in a higher quality pair that will last.


We have a love hate relationship but if we're forced to wear them, they should at least  be in good shape. After all, undergarments are the foundation to every good outfit. Over time, bras can stretch out and loose their under-wires. Toss out those old bras and re-vamp your top drawer with a few new pieces to start the year off right.

Rehab Reminder: Getting fitted by a bra specialist to determine the right size is a major key in choosing the proper undergarments. Purchase a bra bag to protect your new bras during laundry day.


As much as you love that favorite lipstick shade or highlighter, it may be time to let it go. Do your skin a favor and go through your make-up bag. Use this guide to find out the expiration dates for your favorite make-up products. 


Biggest fear in life: being caught in public with holes in your sock. Or worse, having a pile of socks with no mate. They serve no purpose in your life so get rid of them! 

So, after you've purged your wardrobe...now what?! H & M has a great program going on where you can donate your clothing at their stores. Since 2013, the retailer has collected more than 32,000 tons of clothing to be recycled worldwide. They'll even offer you a 15% off coupon for your next purchase! A perfect way to stock up on some new items for 2017.


-Happy Recycling 

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