Fluent in Clearance

If you've read my earlier posts, you probably know by now that I love to shop. I mean, this is House of Rehab! However, what I love even more, is finding a great deal. It's kinda like they just fall into my lap. Or, maybe I just shop all the time, but that's neither here no there. Anyway,I decided to share some of my keys to shopping success! Take notes and you'll be on your way to budgetnista status in no time.

I've said it before:look for sales when seasons change. Truth is, you can find great deals pretty much everyday. You just have to look for them (read shop all the time- but that's why you're a fashion addict right?). If you're in the store often enough, you'll become familiar with their sale system: how often things go on sale or clearance (yes there's a difference), how long the sale lasts, and if it's even a good deal. If this isn't your super power, no worries; I'm here to help!

When it comes to getting great stuff for an even greater discount; it's simple: you have to look for them! They aren't always going to be in your face. Usually the clearance section is hiding in the back of the store or department.

Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, you follow the red clearance signs!


Don't dismiss the discount store!

Stores like Tj Maxx or Nordstrom Rack can be sort of a scavenger hunt. However, if you look hard enough, you'll find some great treasures. The key is to go early during the stores first hours of being open. The store should still be somewhat in tact and easier to shop. Don't forget to check the clearance aisle even at a discount store. For instance, I found this Moschino hand bag for $170 on clearance, plus an additional 25% off! Sale on top of sale.

Beware of the optical illusion sale.
Sometimes stores try to capitalize on peak shopping periods ( i.e. Holidays and special occasions). People are off work and accustomed to stores offering their "biggest sale of the season." However, retailers are smarter than you think. More customers out shopping means more profits for them. This often means that the "sales" aren't really all that great; just enough to get people in the door. The key here is stop and ask yourself: "is this really a good deal?" Again, if you shop often, you'll know what to compare the sale to. If it's not a great deal, leave it. It'll probably be on sale again soon for an even better price.

Outlet stores can be your best friend.
Keep in mind that these stores are usually full of last seasons items. The key here is to look for classic pieces. This way, you can pick up wardrobe staples that will be relevant season to season for a great price.
Get Rewarded.
If you shop at a store often, then it may be worth it to sign up for their rewards program. You can rack up points for purchases you would have made anyway and use them to save even more in the future. For instance, I love my DSW rewards points. Those $10 certificates come in handy when I find a great deal. 
Click for Clearance.
Your inbox probably is full everyday with online stores and their offers of the week. However, don't snd them to the trash bin just yet. Sometimes, you can find better deals online than in stores. Just be careful of the shipping costs, which can negate your savings. Always, always search for a coupon code! RetailMeNot is one of favorites. Go ahead, get online and order yourself something nice. When you get it, it'll be like a surprise at your doorstep. 
Well, there you have it. Makes you want to shop right? LOL. Hopefully, I've convinced you to join the dark side and start shopping those sales. Thank Me Later 
-XoXo Ashlee

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