March 17, 2015

Paper or Plastc: The New Way To Pay

If you're like me and hate carrying cash, or having a ton of cards weighing down your wallet, Plastc will be you're new best friend. One card, can hold your favorite store's loyalty cards, all of your debit and credit cards and even your gift cards too. 

Plastc lets you store up to 20 cards, which you can sort through using it's built in touch screen. Not only is it convenient, it's also secure. Protected by a chip and  pin that you enter directly on the card for access, you can also wipe the card completely clean from your phone. Not to mention, the card's app uses facial recognition and will even remind you if you've left the card behind. 


Now, the card does cost $155 (currently available for pre-order). However, if you're a heavy shopper, this may be worth the investment. No more trying to stuff your whole wallet inside your clutch. All you need is one card and you're good. 

Thoughts? Will you be investing in a Plastc card this summer?