February 22, 2015

Beauty on the Block: The Lip Bar Mobile Launch Party

When's the last time you saw a fully decked out cosmetic counter on wheels? Probably never! This summer, it won't be just the ice cream truck bringing the girls outside. The Lip Bar's new mobile truck is bringing beauty to your block. 

I had the pleasure of witnessing the reveal of the amazing Lip Bar Mobile. The brainchild of Detroit native Melissa Butler, epitomizes the meaning of beauty on the go. Think of it like a New York style food truck; Except there's no food on board. However, lipstick in a variety of pigmented colors are on the menu. 

Butler, 27, decided not to wait for an invite to the cosmetic counter and instead created her own path by bringing the cosmetic counter directly to the people. Driven by her goal of expanding the standard of beauty to include girls like herself, Butler created The Lip Bar in 2012. The company hopes to encourage women to not compromise health for beauty.The lipsticks and newly added lip lacquers are free of harmful chemicals and made of natural (and healthy) ingredients. 


Another one of Butler's goals is to encourage women of color to try color! The lipstick shades, named after cocktails and martinis, are bold and sure to be noticeable. If you're like me you might be hesitant to purchase a lip color online without trying it first. As Butler mentioned, lipstick is a very intimate decision. Having the mobile truck provides the perfect opportunity for women to try on the product first hand. 

HoR: If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
MB: "That's an unfair question! Why would you do that to me?! Right now, it would be red!"

 After being away for ten years studying finance at Florida A&M and then working on Wall Street, Butler decided to move back to Detroit and make it the first stop on the Lip Bar Mobile Tour. The Lip Bar Mobile is nothing short of genius. It was great to see a young, fabulous and smart woman displaying her dreams and hard work for the first time in front of her hometown. Cheers to much success for Melissa Butler and The Lip Bar. 


Visit their website for details on when the The Lip Bar Mobile will be coming to a city near you. You won't want to miss it. 


Special thank you to The Bee Agency for the invite!


Wearing Electric Pink Lip Lacquer 

-XOXO Ashlee