Shopper's Anonymous: How I Got a $400 Bag for $30

Oh, the joys of a wild Friday night at club DSW. While I've never actually heard of this brand, I fell in love with the unique silhouette of the bag and its leopard detail. I'll be honest, when I first glanced at the tag I thought it said $21.19 not $219 and the $21 made a lot more sense to me lol. But after calculating what the extra 80% off would be ($175 reduction) and then including my $10 reward on top of that, I was pretty much sold! Ring me up, cash me out, I'll take it!

I did my research online to see if perhaps anyone else had heard of this brand. You can never judge by the price tag. Just because something has a high sticker price doesn't mean it's a great buy. To my surprise, this brand is sold online at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, where I found the exact bag listed online. Neiman's outlet site- Last Call, had the exact bag for $217 (after their 30% off sale). However it still didn't beat my $33 lol!

Moral of this story: always shop clearance first! Especially this time of year. Stores are marking things down left and right to make room for new Spring and Summer merchandise and to clear their shelves before inventory. Get out there and take advantage of these great deals. Happy Shopping!

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