December 14, 2014

Sunday DIY: Cosmo Christmas

Saturday DIY on a Sunday? Yup, don't judge me! LOL, busy weekend. Anyway, let's get to it. Decorating and filling clear ornaments with stuff is nothing new. However, here's a fashionable twist on a very easy DIY. 


What You'll Need: 
Clear Ornaments (I have a ton from last year's after Christmas Sale; So, if you need any, I've got ya lol)
A Magazine (or if you're feeling fancy, try scrapbook paper)
A pen or pencil 
Fillers: glitter, buttons, pearls etc.

    Tear out some pages from the magazine (I chose the most colorful pages)
    Cut the pages into strips (no need to measure or cut evenly)
    Wrap each strip around your pen or pencil
    You should end up with a pen-wheel shape that can easily slide into your ornament
    The paper will unfold slightly into a curled shape

    Add in some glitter, buttons, or pearls for an extra flare

    ...AND you're done! Easy Right?


    You can also crumble the paper, cut into confetti pieces or do anything you want.
    There's really no wrong way to do this fun project.

     Add them to your tree or simply put them in a bowl for decoration like I did.