November 29, 2014

Saturday DIY: Fur Clutches

Earlier this month, I wrote about faux fur clutches being one of my new favorite trends. Well, being the DIY fein that I am, I instantly started looking up ways to make my own! At first, I was a little skeptical on how well this could turn out. However, I'm completely obsessed with the finished product. Follow this quick steps to make your own faux fur clutch in less than 30 minutes.


What you'll need:

  1. A zipper pouch (or an old clutch that you no longer need)
  2. Faux fur ( I purchased mine from Michaels for $2.99 a square, but you could also purchase by the yard from any fabric store)
  3. Fabric Glue

Here's the faux fur I used. For only $2.99 a pack (I used two) it wasn't bad, but it does shed a little bit. Next time I'll try a higher quality fur by the yard. 

Purchased this hot pink faux fur from Michael's in the craft aisle.

Fabric glue can be a little pricey ($10) but, a little goes a long way.

Before gluing anything, measure the size of your pouch against your fabric.

You want to start as close to the zipper as possible to maximize coverage.

Add glue to the pouch (remember a little goes a long way).

Then position your fabric (be careful because the glue dries fast).

Continue until the entire clutch is covered. 

I decided not to cut my fabric at the bottom to give the look of a larger clutch.

Be sure to secure the edges with glue as well.

Wa-Lah Finish product!


As always, leave your thoughts and comments below. If you decide to try this yourself, tag @HouseofRehab in your pictures so that we can see them!


-XOXO Ashlee