Saturday DIY: Travel Jar


I can hardly believe that 2014 is almost over. It's about that time that people start thinking of the new year and all that 2015 will bring. Many will vow to change things, break old habits, start new hobbies, and embark on new endeavors. 2015 is especially exciting for me because I'll be turning 25! It seems crazy even typing that. I won't get into all the thoughts that turning such an important age brings. The one thing I have thought about is traveling the world as much as possible; Starting Next year!

Unfortunately, to travel you need funds! This brings me to today's Saturday DIY. I same across this idea for a travel jar a few weeks ago on a fellow blogger's Instagram. I instantly got excited and knew that I had to make one. 

The only thing is that I'm so indecisive on where I'm going and when. So, I decided to make a general travel jar and when the time is right, I'll empty it out and go own my way! 
"Travel expands the mind and the heart" 
To try this out at home: All you need is a mason jar or any glass container and scrapbook stickers. I got all my supplies from Michael's. Remember to tag us in your pictures for any of our DIY ideas you try out!

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