October 23, 2014

Girl Talk: Would You Accept a Fake Engagement Ring?

Scene: Your boyfriend of 5 years decides to take the big step and ask for your hand in marriage. He gives you a gorgeous ring to wear proudly as his fiance'. But....something just doesn't look right. Too good to be true? It can't be right?! You decide to take the ring to get it appraised, just to be sure.  To your surprise, the ring is FAKE! What would you do?


Here's what really happened:

The girlfriend confronted her man with the fact that she was suspicious about the ring and had it appraised. After finding out that it was indeed fraudulent, she felt deceived. The boyfriend revealed that he really wanted to get her something nice. However, he did not have the funds to get her what he felt she deserved and instead got what he could afford. I heard this story on The Breakfast Club this morning and the debate went on to reveal the differences in how men and women think. Angela Yee, like most women, thought that the guy should've just been honest and upfront and explain that he didn't have the funds to get her the ring he wanted. The guys on the show thought he did the right thing by protecting his pride and saving himself the embarrassment of admitting that he was not at his financial best. 


Personally, I would rather be with someone who felt comfortable enough to tell me that they want to take this next step, but couldn't afford the best of the best. Totally fine; Once you get it together, get my ring together. No need for a fake ring, just be honest. Honesty and finances are HUGE components of any relationship. If you don't have that, then really what do you have?