Rehab Report: Four 90's Trends We're Obsessed With

I always wondered what it would be like to have been “grown” in the 90’s. Born in 1990, I have fond memories of the decade. From matching Guess capris outfits with my cousins to being obsessed with my older cousin’s primary colored Nautica jacket and blue and gray Jordans. Everything seemed so simple back then. Casual, comfy and effortless were key style words to describe the it girl of the 90’s. Man, I wish I was 20 something, young and doing it in the 90’s! While, I can’t go back in time, I can at least go back in fashion. 90’s fashion is making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier. Shop our 90's inspired collection here.

Here's 5 trends from the 90’s I'm happy to see come back around:


Cable Knit Sweater


1990 was all about the Coogi sweater. All the fly guys and girls had 1 of these colorful knit sweaters hanging in their closet. Let’s not forget, B.I.G.’s famous lyric “Livin’ better now, Coogi sweater now.”


Shop your local thrift or vintage stores, like I did, for an authentic or replica. Or, if you're ballin, try out Rag and Bone's take on the trend. 



Teen Spirit

Feeling a little Nirvana? You’re in luck. Overalls and plaid are definitely in this season. Be careful not to go all out grunge or you can risk looking costumey. Instead, try one of these pieces with your already existing wardrobe.


Work Boots 

If you look at 90's hip-hop, it was all about that laid back, slightly rough around the edges look. Timbs and Doc Martins are classic that have been around for a while but they were made most popular in the 90's. Take a look at these updated versions of the work boot. Perfect for fall!



Calvin Klein Underwear


I was recently in Miami, and there was a Rita Ora looking girl in the club. All eyes were on her, not only because she wasn’t the typical girl in the club, but because of her unique style. She had on a fur vest, cropped tee, baggy cargo pants with briefs peaking out of the top. I wish I would’ve gotten her picture! She was the perfect example of 90’s style updated. Take a look at Ciara posing in here Calvin's recently.

Here's our take on the trend



As Always, tag us in your pictures if you decide to try any of these idea out!

-XOXO House of Rehab

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