September 27, 2014

Saturday D I Y Project: The Writings on the Wall

Ever see something and think to yourself "I can do that!" That is exactly what happened to me today. I'm moving soon so I'm all about home decor at the moment. I peaked into Homegoods today and surprisingly, nothing really caught my eye. Until, my mom came around the corner with this picture in hand:


Cute right? Well, there were at least 4 others with various sayings. "Smile Always", "Laugh Often" etc. Truthfully, I only liked the "I Choose Fabulous" one but seeing them all together made me think a set would look much nicer. However, at $16.99 each, I couldn't justify spending over $50 total on something I didn't completely love. So, I politely pulled them out of my cart and back on the shelf. Then a light bulb went off! "I can make that, duh!"Clearly, it only takes minor inspiration to get my creative gears in motion. I quickly put the pieces together of what all I needed to make this happen. Off to Michaels:

Rehab Remix Ingredients:

  • Textured scrapbook paper- on sale for 2/$1
  • Frames- buy one get one free (for 4 frames I paid $20)
  • Metallic Sharpie/pen- already had this at home


  • Practice on regular paper first before using your scrapbook paper
  • Pick sayings relevant to you- of course I included "Fashion Made Me Do It"
  • Keep the size of the paper in mind when deciding how to write 
  • Put some newspaper down to protect your work area
  • Fewer words, the better

So, for a total of $23.00, ( cost of 1.5 of the frames at Homegoods), I made my own custom frames. I can't wait to hang them up in my new place!


If you decide to give this a try be sure to tag @HouseofRehab to show off your work. More D I Y projects coming soon. 


 -XOXO Ash