Rehab Report: Your New Favorite Boot

It's September in New York City, and all the buzz is on Spring 2015 Fashion. Meanwhile, if you're anything like me, you're just getting ready for Fall! You can't have Fall Fashion without the perfect boot. The Gillean is just that! Made exclusively by Unisa for DSW, this boot has all of the right ingredients to be your new fall favorite. Here are 4 things that I love about this boot:

1. It's less than $50 bucks

Yep! This boot retails for only $49.95 online and in stores. A great way to add a staple piece to your wardrobe and still have money left over.

2. It stretches!

This isn't your typical stiff riding boot. The black stretch panel makes it easy to fit over wider calves (Hello!) and to slip over jeans.

3. It comes in Ten colors!

Yes, ten colors to match whatever mood you're in. My favorite would be the silver glitter (which I just ordered).

4. It's flexible!

This boot can be dressed up or down. Pair it with leggings or skinny jeans for a casual look or with tights and a dress for a more polished look. 


I'll give a full review when I receive mine in 4-7 business days. From seeing them in the store, ( they were already sold out of my size), they look darling. Do yourself a favor, and try this boot out. You'll thank me later!

-- XOXO Ashlee

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