August 11, 2014

Rehab to the Rescue: 4 Quick and Simple Bad Hair Day Remedies

It's M O N D A Y!! Maybe your hair is still recovering from the weekend or you're in between appointments. Either way, I'm sure we can all agree that if our hair isn't just right, our day isn't just right. Bad hair days, we've all been there. Maybe you forgot to tie down your curls at night, humidity caused frizz, or that new shampoo-conditioner combo was a No-No! No worries, we've put together some easy bad hair day cover-ups. 


#1 Top Knot Bun

Perhaps the easiest style, and our favorite. Throw your hair in high pony, separate into sections, twist and pin each section. Add some eye shadow, a nice lip and you're off!


#2 Messy Pony

Business in the front, party in the back. Turn your bed head look into a sleek style. All you'll need is an elastic hair tie and light gel or edge control to tame fly aways.


#3 Braids

Simple and easy to do. Add a braid to the side, in the front, or all around.



#4 Creative Accessory Placement

Add a decorative headband, hat or scarf to dress up your messy hair

 And there you have it! Rehab your bad hair day with one of these simple and easy remedies. Make sure to tag us in your pics when you try any of these looks.