July 28, 2014

Models, Music, and MTV: Don't Call It A Come Back!

It's not hard to tell that the 90's have made their way back to the fashion forefront. (Did they ever really leave?) Maybe it's because I'm a 90's baby, but I just can't help but reminisce about the bold prints, baggy (think boyfriend) jeans, overalls, and sporty fashions. Fashion wasn't the only thing the 90's had to offer. 90's Music anyone?

MTV was the go to place for music and fashion during the 1990's. One of MTV's ground breaking shows, House of Style, found an ingenious way to combine the worlds of fashion and culture like no other. Where else could you see Cindy Crawford, Wu-Tang, Anna Wintour, and Jay-Z on the same show? 

You'll be excited to know that House of Style is making a come back this year! Iggy Azalea will debut as the new host when the show airs on August 4th. It'll be interesting to see how true they stay to the essence of the original show. I'm also excited to see how well Iggy does as a host. We haven't really gotten a chance to know her yet, so this could definitely be a good look for her. Looks like MTV is trying to recapture some of that 90's magic. Any chance we 'll see some music videos soon? 


Will you be watching on August 4th? Peep Cindy Crawford in her Timberlands in a 1992 episode below: