July 15, 2014

Tuesday Trend Tip: 5 Steps to Getting Hair Out of Carpet!

Whether your into the natural trend, virgin hair trend, or just doing your own thing; For most women, hair is a key component of our self confidence. Hair may be the most important accessory. We spend countless hours in the mirror, combing, coloring, taming, brushing, and most importantly cleaning it! Cleaning hair is the absolute worse because you can never seem to get it all up, especially on rugs and carpet. But worry no more, I've found the perfect solution to rid your home of unwanted hair.


Here's what you'll need:

  1. A rubber sole shoe (think sneaker or flip-flop)
  2. A trash bag
  3. Rug or carpet in need of cleaning

Step 1: Place the shoe in your hand

Step 2: Rub the heel of the shoe against the rug or carpet

Step 3: The friction between the shoe and the carpet will pull the hair up

Step 4: Repeat until you start to see a lump (or hair ball) form on top of the rug or carpet

Step 5: Pick-up the hair and place it in your trash bag and dispose of it!


Simple right? Thank me later!

Happy Cleaning




P.S. Once you start, you'll want to clean every inch of your floor.