Addicted: Our Weekly Fashion, Beauty, and Culture Obsessions.

What's better than the weekend? A looooong weekend! While you sit back and prepare for the cookout, here's a rundown of the 3 things we were obsessed with this week:


    1.  Beyonce goes double platinum!
The Carters don't break rules, they simply create their own. Mrs. Carter proved that with her December 2013 release. No promotion. No forewarning. No single. No Target. (gasp). Just music the Beyonce way. Proving that you everything doesn't have to be formulaic, Beyonce has sold over 2 million copies and with the success of the On the Run Tour, looks like it has no plans of slowing down. Did I mention, this album still is in heavy rotation in my car! What are some of your favorite tracks?

 Kill 'em Bey

Kill 'em Bey!

    2.  NYX Matte Lippies

Confession: I recently became obsessed with ULTA. I use to stop in there every once in a while, but I always felt overwhelmed. I'm not a big make-up addict. I like to keep it simple: lips and eyes. No, I'm not a M.A.C. connoisseur ( why does make-up have a model #?!); Consider it a special occasion if I manage to put foundation on. About a month ago, I took the time to get familiar with the store and now I love it. I fell in love with the NYX collection. I particularly love their lipsticks. Can we shout for the fact that they're only $5.99 ($3.59 on sale right now). Good-bye $50 lipstick, I have no time or money for you! Hello, NYX! Not to mention, they look good without feeling "eeh" (You know what I mean). Here are my recent purchases; Tell me what you think:


   3.   Kandee Shoes

Shoes please! I ran across their Instagram page the other day and I'm obsessed. You seriously have to check out their site to see what I'm talking about. Fashionistas like Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, Jessie J have all been spotted in the London based retailer's shoes. P.S.: The designer says all of his shoes are centered around his childhood candy obsession. Anyone own a pair? Here's my favs:



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