June 29, 2014

Tales From the Thrift: Digging for a Discount

As a kid, I hated thrifting. I dreaded stopping in the thrift store with my mom. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone want someone else's clothes?" I mean really; A store full of old, used, worn clothing?! Fast forward to 2012, and the world is suddenly obsessed with thrifting. Thanks to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, thrift shops are now being mentioned in the same sentences as "hip" and "trendy". Thrift stores were no longer just for people who had to shop there. There are some occasions where people are now lined up outside waiting to get into a thrift store. 

So what changed? People realized that thrifting was more about the thrill of the hunt. Nothing compares to the feeling of finding that awesome piece at an even better price. For that reason, I think thrifting expands beyond the walls of a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Thrifting is everywhere: estate sales, garage sales, department stores and discount stores. Lord knows I live at the clearance rack!  I always stop there first, no matter what store I'm in. You can find some really great deals there. You just have to dig! My recent venture

My recent venture to TJ Maxx is proof. I happen to live near a TJ Maxx that offers great designer pieces for less. What's even better, is when they go on sale. Discount on top of a discount? Yes please! The only downfall is you have to be prepared to dig. Word of advice: don't shop these kind of stores unless you have time to really search and sort.The great deals won't always be right in front of your face. Here's a run down of what I found while digging through the shoe department:

Gucci loafers: $230

Hugo Boss $130

Balenciaga booties: $480 (Still a splurge but aren't they gorgeous)

Rag and Bone: $99


 Rebecca Minkoff: $120

L.A.M.B.: $130 

TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshall's are some of my favorite discount stores. What are some of your favs? What great deals have you found? 


-xoxo Ashlee