June 23, 2014

Piecing it All Together: The Power of the Cellfie

Having trouble finding the missing link to a perfect ensemble? Or maybe you're like me and you have a million and one outfit ideas roaming around in your head! Well, before you head out to the mall and roam around aimlessly, consider this tip:

Try on the items that you are trying to put together at home and take a CELLFIE. This way you get to see exactly how the items fit and how they'll look together. it's so much easier to know if those shoes will work with that pencil skirt if you can actually see it versus trying to recall it from memory. You'll be better prepared to make smarter buying decisions while you're shopping. Even if you have no immediate intentions on wearing the piece, it's still a good idea to do. You never know when you'll find its perfect match!



Happy Shopping,