Are You a Budgetnista?

Do you lust over the pages of Vogue, but browse the aisles of Target? Always have your eyes peeled for when that great designer piece goes on sale? Know the beauty of mixing low with a hint of high fashion? Then, you my friend are a Budgetnista! Welcome to the club. 

My name is Ashlee, and I am a Budgetnista. (Insert "Hi Ashlee" here). If I had the funds to shop the way I shop in my head, there would be little anyone could tell me! But, like most of us, I lack when it comes to having a limitless disposable income. That hasn't kept me from keeping up with the latest trends and being well dressed. My favorite thing is to find inexpensive items that look expensive. I love it when people say "That's so cute. Where did you get that from?" As I smile to myself and think, "If they only knew." 

Style, is all about how you put the look together. This doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Runway trends always trickle down the fashion pipe eventually landing at  mainstream, mass-production retailers (i.e. Forever 21, H & M) and then discount stores (T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack). If you have the patience to shop these stores, you're sure to find some great designer inspired items. Not to mention, some high end designers have teamed up with stores like H & M and Target to create more affordable lines that still carry the essence of their high fashion labels.

That's one way to get a designer look for less. The other method, (my favorite), is to create your own look! Develop a style that is unique to you.This is every designer's goal when they plan and develop their collections. Find what works for you best and run with it. For instance, I love jeans! They're so versatile and diverse and can be worn for practically any occasion and with practically anything. Although, denim tends to look good no matter what the price point, designer denim happens to be one of the things I allow myself to splurge on. I'll pair my Joe's Jeans with a less expensive top, statement accessories and "Boom" there's a quick and easy look.

Once you determine what your signature pieces are, invest in them! Then, you can mix and match signature pieces and add in some unique items to create various looks from just a handful of pieces. For example, take my Joe's Jeans, pair it with the House of Rehab Kylie crop top, Madden Girl minimalist wedge (on sale at DSW for less than $20) and some gold bangles! There you have it; A perfect mix of high and low. 

 House of Rehab was created for all the Budgetnistas of the world. Our unique items are perfectly paired with the signature pieces you already own. Where's the fun in dressing in all high-end designer pieces, when you can create your own look by combining high-end and low-end fashions?. Don't be afraid to mix it up ladies!


My 5 tips for Budgetnistas

1. Find what works for you and make those your signature pieces 

2. If you long for designer items, find them on sale. End of season sales are always good ideas in my book!

3. Always invest in something that's a classic and that you don't see yourself getting  tired of. 

4. Unique pieces go a long way. They're the 'seasoning' for your look

5. Create a look that is unique to you. Have fun with it. 

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